Thank you for your patience and all of your help allowing me some time off . . . Its great to be back and refreshed!! Ready to make 2014 the healthiest year yet . . . F.I.T. Camp is ready to kick off – NEW YEARS ONLY PRICING!
Option 1 – 6 wks – 3 days (Tues, Thurs and Sat)
Tues & Thurs – 9:00am or 3:00pm workouts
Sat 8:00am Workout and Mini Nutrition Seminars
$75.00 (breaks down to $4.00 per), Normally $99.00
Option 2 – 6 wks – 1 day (Sat only)
workout and Nutritional Seminar
$50.00 (breaks down to $8.00), normally $75.00
LEARN what foods are what to your body and your energy levels . .
NEVER have to worry about that yo-yo fad diet again . . .
FEEL better inside and out New you for a New Year . . .
CALL for more details – Sign up now . . .


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